Cable Charging VE Three-phase w / Type2/Type2 5mts

Cable Charging VE Three-phase w / Type2/Type2 5mts
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Product Description

Cable Charging VE Three-phase w / Type2/Type2 5mts

Type2- Type2

Product Type TYPE2 to TYPE2
Product Model CS-C004
Standard EN 62196-2 : 2017
Rated Voltage AC 480V
Rated Current 32A 3-Phase
Shell Material ThermoPlastic ( Insulator inflammability UL94 V-0)
Contact Pin Copper alloy, silver +ThermoPlastic on the top
Sealing Gasket Silicon rubber
Insulation Resistance > 1000M Ω
Withstand Voltage 2000V
Terminal Temperature Rise <50K
Charging Cable Length 5m or Customization
Operating Temperature -30 ℃ to +65 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃ to +70℃
Protection Class IP55
Contact Resistance 0.5mΩ MAX
Protection Reliability of materials,antiflaming , pressure-resistant,
abrasion resistance,impact resistance
Cable Material TPU
Product Model Rated current Cable Specification
CS-C004 32A/Three Phase 5*6mm²+2*0.5mm²

Allows to charge any T2 electric vehicle in Current (AC) to 32A (22kW)

Connector Type 2 (Type II = Mennekes = IEC 62196) at both ends

Length: 5 meters cable.

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