CS-START Pack Load Management 3 wallbox + 1 software

CS-START Pack Load Management 3 wallbox + 1 software
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Composed by:

1 x 105,641 KeContact P30 x series (master)

2x 102,637 KeContact P30 series c (slave)

Up to 22 kW of charging power

Built-in master-slave load management

Suitable for all electric cars

Real-time monitoring of charging stations and charging processes, including fault management

Automatic billing option including direct payment via credit card or PayPal

Up to 10 recharging stations and 25 RFID cards

Allow your customers with electric vehicles to recharge their vehicles reliably on their premises and bill them automatically with the CS-Start Package for Condos, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

This CS-Start package includes KEBA wallbox as a master-slave solution with up to 22 kW load power, integrated master-slave load management and RFID access protection. And with the be.ENERGISED monitoring solution, the user can see everything in a blink of an eye: real-time monitoring and management of recharging stations and charging processes.

As a user, keep an overview of your upload infrastructure with the be.ENERGISED monitoring solution. The most important data is displayed on a single page. This overview includes an accurate view of how much electricity your guests have used, how many recharging stations are currently in use, and any future maintenance requirements. This allows you to accurately analyze your users' billing behavior and use this analysis to make decisions about future actions.

Easy Load Management

The combination of the KEBA KeContact P30 series and KEBA KeContact P30 C series offers integrated load management. This system involves a KEBA P30 x-series (master) controlling up to 15 C-series loading stations (slaves). The main charging station ensures that a pre-set maximum power limit is not exceeded. If the load power of all individual electric cars exceeds this value, the charging power of all charging stations will automatically be reduced until sufficient charge energy is available again. This saves on the high costs associated with upgrading your power connection and puts the existing load power into optimized use.

Visibility and Marketing of the Cargo Station *

You decide who you can load into your charging stations. You can make them accessible to the general public or just to your guests. Should charging at your charging stations be free or would you like to charge a fee? Here, too, you can decide for yourself what rate to apply to your guests. Billing is fully automatic and you will receive a monthly credit note for your winnings.

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